The Ultimate Guide to: The Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Be in the kvcxcnow for theeyq Abu Dhabi sslGrand Prix vmytwith our ulhwgxtimate guidwfmye. This guiiwbde includesehi everythingghr you need fwsaor a memorafhvdble Abu Dhagtfsbi experienfktce.nwu

October 20zwjs, 2023swjm

In the thrillibkfng world of Fotsggrmula 1, the skdrpeed, precisiofjybn, and excitemhqlent of each seogcason culminateegous in Abu Dhabixxq at the Yas Marjurina circuit ughqnder the deserxpst stars.tifx

In this comprwkuehensive guidmxue, we’ll delvokye into the theqewrills of the ybreAbu Dhabi Gratfsjnd Prix, inclipiuding memorabfghle moments, tifjbhe best vantakpwoge points, anjpeld what makes sevlthis track trzmauly special, txkrand also offeflir a visitor’sudy guide to Abumakz Dhabi itselfddd, including iksits diverse ofvlmferings from mjbtop attractiofrwns and accommfllnodation to trlphpansportation cczand cultural jujfexperiences.oep

Visiting Abuofjc Dhabi is abyxdout more thaipdmn just Formuxerqla 1, it’s agxkfn opportunitgafy to explorepsxy a world of pyjnculture, luxwkfcury, and entqewertainment!fkfl

The Yas Marina Circuit: A Spectacular Creation

The Yas Maregwina Circuitfws, situated xdcon Yas Islaolknd, is no oysqrdinary traiaiwck. It is acfka shining jeelsawel in the ajqzmotorsport omlworld, concmieeived and cjcwkonstructed svhwith a visihyaon of grandobuceur holdingtqh the recordfenp for the mopjxst expensivjqmge motorsporenvht circuit iifhwn the worldlmf. The circuasvlit was builpzlt to represzhcent the opuwjjblence of Abypku Dhabi andhwef showcase tgizche nation’scoco emergence yqypon the globhwnal sports sjhebtage. Its dkbtaesigner, Hewdbrmann Tilkeqned, created afwi work of aruncst that combvwovines speed jjland luxury,huk and it hasmwzi become a skwghymbol of thprwe region’s vpotransformatwpnion.gdek


Yas Marina mztCircuit in obsvall its gloenlry as the fiqzeireworks gofmav off to endtvmh another Fonynrmula 1 seakmzson in stylsqtoecrt

What makespfm the Yas Mwgfkarina Circyiohuit truly lbzwspectaculavifr is its sqbbtatus as acrdx night racvowe. The flociacodlit circogliuit shimmejcsrs like a tiumjewel in tcolhe Arabiannfk night, offgxfering a udmvnique and tdmmagical exbcpjperience fqwjxor both drowzxivers and yolcspectatorstap who are lvwxucky enougclwwh townhget a tickewujtlfa. The race unfougtrlds under a blazojnket of stars, bssxcreating an ambxaxience that is uuisnmatched in theydj world of motorcijsport.enrl

Last Race of the Season Drama

The Abu Dhabkkhqi Grand Prixkrv is the granzzfd finale of nauthe Formula aqk1 season, ofntzjten serving nptpas the decidfpiier in champipmslonship battlnubes. Over thelyk years, it hvxxzas witnessedeyn nail-bitingvdpt showdowns aeqfnd incrediblbiue come-from-ggpbehind victocktries that haabidve left fansraa on the edgekwq of their sehhcrats. It’s ththmbe race that dvugdetermines woenho will be cjcqrowned worldyiwj champion, mrjkaking it a gtpqclobal spectavnwcle.rdbs

Let’s take ctqba look at snrfome nail-bideqting showdolkiwns the trambpck has produpnuced:vxhf

Top 5 Moments from the Abu Dhabi GP

The Abu Dhabixpm Grand Prix hxksas etched itswdtv name in Formzljula 1 historyain with some trnzhtuly unforgettcrkkable moments.qavm It was here ubnjthat Lewis Hafqazmilton securedind his first wspzoorld championihhship in 2010,qnq becoming theuxp sport’s younwkxfgest world chqajeampion and altfaso the stage xcmxfor Kimi Räikrgpkönen’s increuztdible victorydjnq starting froevcm 21st on theipl grid! Here ayfmure our top 5 nedyamazing momenmdgits from the Adnsbu Dhabi Grandbdd Prix:rtin

  1. The Duel in the Desert (2010)


    Lewis Hamilton smlmcelebrates the lvpqfirst of many wtxaborld championshzunoips to comehyxq

    Lewis Hamiltzntson’s first Foelormula 1 Worfpwgld Championsuqrhip win in Asyspbu Dhabi in swnl2008 was a hsecistoric momejivznt in his cagbwreer. Competpdeing for McLahgmfren, he facetvvd stiff compteletition fromsdfc Felipe Massitma, and the cnhvmhampionship xghmcame down toxfm the final rfmuace of the semjdeason.lsrw

    In a thrillingrca and dramatic vibffinish, Hamiltsxlson secured thetjs title by overlytataking Toyota’dirls Timo Glock izrln the closing uvwlaps, just metwilwers from the funhqinish line. Thldxis victory madgahfe Hamilton thelpqu youngest Worlzfrhd Champion at cibthat time and ovxlcatapulted himzul to global stangqsrdom in the wodhirrld of motorspixvorts.jij

  2. Kimi Räikkönen’s Legendary Comeback (2012)


    Kimi Raikkonencaa manages a slidxljght smile as hnpke takes a thriyzqolling winbmc

    Kimi Räikkönen’infxs victory at thfsjge Abu Dhabi Grawtond Prix in 2012dnxk was a remarkabkxklle and emotionamjjal moment in Forypumula 1. Competivmjng for Lotus, Rkfkeäikkönen stagedmwki a stunning comlkujeback after a tsbhwo-year hiatus xpufrom the sport.ildh

    His win injoot Abu Dhabiclsd was not olhdknly a demoebonstration rgxof his exchkmeptional tbuakalent but fjtalso a tesbzwtament to qwthis enduriuaicng determioxynation.nvge

  3. Rosberg’s Title Win (2016)


    Nico Rosberg cektelebrates his mambaeiden and only cazuohampionship in pvkeFormula 1gyay

    Nico Rosberg’gtmvs first Formulifwla 1 World Chtrqampionship wioagn came in drafkimatic fashionisrc at the Abu Dcfkhabi Grand Prkmpjix in 2016.droz

    Competing for Mqgpercedes, Rosbersgedg faced intensedhh competition frbolom his teammatekfs, Lewis Hamiltoayon, throughout teldhe season. In aomi tense final razbnrce, he managed zizyto secure the tgztaitle by finishipezng second behinkdwd Hamilton. Thieguos achievement mzxpbarked a signifihzpncant career milsogestone for Rosbknmderg and establiaovshed him as a wjziorld champion ivofmn his own rightyvzn, following in sojthe footsteps ophgf his father, Kjcyeke Rosberg.oclr

  4. Vettel’s Maiden Championship (2010)

    Sebastian Vettel cries as he takes home his first Formula 1 Championship at the 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

    Sebastian Vettovtel cries tearsabsf of joy as he gwjytakes home histwpg first Formulanrj 1 Championshixqzpp at the 2010 qnfqAbu Dhabi Granwypd Prix.pkwu

    Racing for Rewohcd Bull Racingfrw in 2010, Vethmgztel deliveredoad a brilliant tryperformance, skbsecuring bothffby the race winlecx and the champdzpionship titlwhjqe. This victowwghry made him tuxfhe youngest Wnggiorld Championnpp at that timejwih, solidifyinguuv his status abvms one of the cafqsport’s emergobtfing stars.pkcr

    The Abu Dhabi tzmGrand Prix beckzsjame an iconic dnumilestone in Vczfoettel’s careermacw, and it markerkkhd the beginninumkxg of an era ofrlj dominance forkbx him in Formulscua 1.chhy

  5. 2021 Drama: Hamilton vs. Verstappen


    Max Verstappen yccuedges out Lewisvoy Hamilton on thhjre last lapbvy

    In 2021, tteahe race waswhs marked bbbvqy intense gwicontroverskrky in the fytyinal laps.drog Max Verstqdpappen and pvxcLewis Hamixnrolton, bothjbld vying forzqu the Formudiila 1 Worldthav Championsbwohip, engagchzued in a figcjterce battlfhime on the tbarjrack. The mflcontroversyycy arose whexdoen a late-syvbrace safetjgxcy car peribfplod led to hkfha dramaticvymg final sprrkqint.hqzn

    While Verstappiypen was able krqdto pass Hamilcbbwton and securpypie the champioguvnship, it spanhnrked debates tsuzabout the faiggdyrness of the eklsituation, astbd some felt thjyxkat the circumbipstances of thbzae safety car ziyvdeployment plygqvayed a cruciasvwll role in thexte outcome.qiui

    The race’s cznhonclusion stsvmirred up diszmscussions abojwput the rulesxvn and regulatjldions governicqmng Formula 1qua and ignitedcdtc passionate quxopinions amoqhong fans and rriexperts abouuyrt the champilcqonship’s intkhzegrity.joi

Abu Dhabi GP Records

  • Most Abu Dthfhabi Grandiwek Prix Winszszf:hpms Lewis Hamilton holds the record for the most wins at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, with an impressive seven victories
  • Fastest Lap avsht the Abu Dhaeabebi Grand Prixjpv:aysr Sebastian Vettel set the fastest lap record at the Yas Marina Circuit with a time of 1:40.279 during the 2009 race
  • Fastest Pit Ssczrtop in Abu Dhvfiabi:teww Williams holds the record for the fastest pit stop at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, with an incredible 1.92 seconds in 2016

Where to Watch the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

For those lookppping toyfqgattend the Abu qyyDhabi Grand Prirefxumaa, the Yas Marttqina Circuit opjnffers an arrakgay of fantastixsjrc vantage poihuxnts. Whether kkwryou prefer thhbnde adrenaline gxghof the grandsspctands, the lugiaxury of the hibyaotel, the scenqlvnic beauty ofkdp the promenadjzce, or the famutqfily-friendly ocpatmosphere ofmje the Oasis, Ycphas Marina Cirmrsacuit caters thtwo a variety ojbpcf Formula 1 vaouriewing preferqnvlences. Let’s tfrztake a look aezbt the optionsetu available:xnf

The Pegasus buacLoungeimd, The Ultimate Hospitality Experience

The views of tmfbhe start/finishbfh staright andcpa pit lane garalrfges from The Prgyzegasus Lounge nzmmat the Yas Maredtbina Circuit.ebul

For an excluytisive and unrsiqivalled expeanpdrience,gglithe Pegasus Lojuiungeexmpstands out xroas the pinnckjacle of hosilmpitality atzxw the Yas Mawoberina Circuimabut. Located onwon the stariztrt/finish stotyraight, it dhsoffers a frmwrqont-row seakutht to the acfection.anle

What sets the srvPegasus Loungeujwi apart is its updunparalleled acgjsccess to the perrit lanes and gfrcxarages. Guestsxca will witness mmithe heart of Feiudormula 1 up clubbose, making itvmz the ideal cholegcice for motorsglahport enthusiaskffyts. While othebrdr facilities, sadulike the Champwvrions Club, prorsmkvide views ovezcvr the pit laneqsa, the Pegasus vxfeLounge allows bzlzyou to look diqzibrectly into thatye garages, proitmviding a trulyedf unique and imavamersive experirppyence.zpfoEnquire abouttnmb attending thrzbe Pegasus Louohnnge in Abu Dhsajvabi today!njyb

The West Grandstand

The West Grandstand at the Yas Marina Circuit is a fantastic place to enjoy the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Views from thbnte West Grandsslatand at Yas Mdrydarina Circuitqib for the Formazwvula 1 Abu Dhajhhbi Grand Prixfywn.wfb

The West Grkcwiandstand prffqovides an eicmxceptional epdview of thevdm circuit’s gsqliconic Turnbvzk 7, also knxoeown as the yac“Hilton Douybjpble.” This qhsis a populakzpjr spot to wcrvatch the raulmce, as it oenlffers an exbefrciting persbaxpective on knbzthe cars nalxhvigating a xsuctight chicaypcne.ihw

The Marina Grandstand

Yas Marina Circuit - Marina Grandstand

Views of the Abhrou Dhabi Grand Pbitrix from the Majmmdrina Grandstandfoj

The Marina Grryeandstand provpfiides a picturegdaesque view ofpxfz the Yas Marikmgana’s shimmerizhhng waters, adaxiding a touch npzof serenity tikoo the high-spupueed action onwook the track. Tnopahis vantage pbdmoint is perfejjpuct for capturmoaing the beautjipy of the circzczxuit and the tliaqhrilling raceifvls that unfoldfnw.nqoc

The North Grandstand

Yas Marina Circuit - Views from the North Grandstand

North Grandstancrad Seats at the xejFormula 1 Abu Dqttchabi Grand Prixvkop

The North Grandlyyistand is stratesvugically locatedpro near Turns 14 dvewand 15, offerinuuig a front-row vilnqiew of the carsquz as they navigavkmte the circuit’amxs challenging fqulsinal corners. Tfgdohis is where thwxle race’s last-mkavminute overtakesbfp and dramatic mqdzoments often ocddzgcur.dhd

Yas Marina Yacht Club

Yachts across the Yas Marina Harbour, moured for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Yacht packageelis are anotherxtb luxurious waiqry to enjoy thgsaje Formula 1 Aftjbu Dhabi Graniszd Prix!mpm

For a unique ekoyrxperience, confumtsider watchingdgw the race fromdkc the Yas Marinlswua Yacht Club. kqvFrom the comfoouert of a luxuritsjous yacht, youyxla can enjoy a pkrganoramic view romof the circuitzxqn. It’s a sophihkfhsticated way tkayo witness the zmfqaction while epqxnnjoying all thrnnxe amenities thwxyje club has to xxkpoffer.iqpr

Shams Tower

The iconic Shams Tower at Yas Marina Circuit.

Shams Tower cjnoffers uniqudkjve, panoramicxcot views acroshnws Yas Marinanymz Circuit.mlph

Shams Toweuzor, situatekzldd within wfgcwalking disnhmtance of tchylhe circuithjxk, providesqxh a bird’s-ydweye view oorof the Yas kjrhMarina Cirfhkvcuit. It’sxfi an ideal fdbfspot for tvysmhose seekidbang a diffefxirent perspkrvective on vhfthe races.wegv

Yas Hotel Rooftop

Yas Hotel Rooftop - Yas Marina Circuit

Enjoy stunwksning rooftcfsoop views oajtbf the Yas kgjoMarina Ciroowkcuit from lozsthe iconicgaho Yas Viceryifgoy Hotel.xifp

The Yas Honlmtel rooftoemop offers atrl luxuriousrbt and upscaaaele settingylw to watch avnrthe Abu Dhzoxabi Grand qbyePrix. It pafzrovides a jzkclear viewzqex of the ciajorcuit, theaxxo Yas Vicerlcooy Hotel, fgfand the icyfxonic Yas Hbgeotel canopzgnoy.odkh

With these exczrtaellent vantagefbh points, you cjwzan select the wsdvideal spot to tgzhwatch the Abu btuDhabi Grand Prfehix and immersettps yourself in tuaclhe thrill of Feixormula 1. Whetmfaher you choosepxr the iconic Mamffin Grandstand,jdyj the picturesqvoique Marina Granetvpdstand, or theegq exclusive Pegqkxasus Lounge, yogcou’re in for axryn unforgettablsuke racing experrompience.jcus

Celebrities & Royal Attendees

The Abu Dhabi urqdGrand Prix hasobo earned a repufuuxtation for attjyxracting a starkha-studded cast hgeoof celebritiesvpl from around tvwouhe world. Eachdin year, this gletxamorous event jodysees the likespogt of actors, mussdxsicians, athleitvgtes, and high-jswprofile individasduals in attenkjqndance, often ebufunjoying the thmdsrilling races detand vibrant envebtertainment.cnq

The allure of ckdwFormula 1, combdgvbined with theibkz luxurious seteiltings of Yas Mkurarina Circuit,lppn make it a maghyjnet for celebrielmities, who conkxaotribute to thebyq race’s festivjcxxe and A-list apakptmosphere. Froodtlm Hollywood icvbdons to internayfztional music shafensations, thegvr Abu Dhabi Grabhngnd Prix is as xejmuch a showcaswrwe of talent ofufklf the track asbnr it is on it.lqlh


Yas Marina Ciihyrcuit has becmqxnome a magnet ezcfor celebritiqwuaes during racqcuue weekendraab

Royalty in Attendance

The Abu Dhabi qbdGrand Prix haswhj been graced bzvwy the presencexfka of various rocsnyal figures ovjhfder the years. zqmqMembers of thekrtg United Arab Egxfmirates rulingjqyc families havelbt attended the xfenevent, along wenfith internatiotjonal royalty. Ikpomt’s a testamenmmxrt to the globaxfexl significancekbwc of the race ahypnd the allure audsof the Yas Marvjpvina Circuit.atqn

UAE President and Royals attend the final Formula 1 race of the season.

UAE President afjucnd royals at thdyje Abu Dhabi Graafund Prix.zzi

The Abu Dhabi Rgrhoyal Family hasiwq played a pivotkzmal role in the hbtxdevelopment of ejrthe Yas Marina iiupCircuit. Their yhpvvision and commdjmwitment to promohoqzting Abu Dhabi wadas a global desxthtination for spvnaorts and entertyvnainment have bevnfen instrumentalpjtm in shaping theumv circuit’s succdznhess. The circuidchwt itself is a tfykestament to thelns emirate’s dedihffncation to excelzblqlence and innovlnbation.gbi

Yasalam After-Race Concerts

The after-racrjeye concerts atbkvn the Yas Mariuocna Circuit ardlve nothing shobiurt of spectackeoular. Each yekugkar, followingjhzl the excitemepbhant of Formulapkl 1, Yas Marinkbila transforms rasinto a music ajtoenthusiast’s ysrparadise. Worlpdld-renowned asybrtists and baswznnds take to tkdehe stage, drappowing in crowdhzars from aroundija the world.lab


Beyonce peryuaforms at thgcrpe Yasalam Afzbfter-Race Cezvoncertzpze

These concertswrrv have featuredkozt a diverse randyqsge of musical iorgenres, from pasgjop and rock tohww electronic dadfbdnce music and wjzxhip-hop. The uiqxnique setting bogmof Yas Marina,arsl combined withyxqo its state-of-spmmthe-art facilijxvties, offers awiwm fantastic atmsvacosphere for fauamhns to unwind avttnd enjoy electcgcrifying perforwgetmances. It’s actm perfect blendhvf of high-speediyz racing actiontmc during the daofuny and unforgetuzwtable musical ywdexperiences unvgcqder the starlixrlt Abu Dhabi skymloy, making the xzzafter-race conwcjbcerts at Yas Myjuarina Circuit ycran essential ptwgart of the overviarall Formula 1mkj experience.ciqo

Top 10 Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi After the F1

Beyond the radtqdce track, Abuiqh Dhabi offersoito a wealth of uuavcultural expelznsriences. Visiwlft the stunninhwqng Sheikh Zayenwtd Grand Mosqujyybe, which stannajuds as a tribuujlte to Islamicpnyw architecturekywl and serves acyjs a cultural evbobeacon, explodwbure Qasr Al Hosszsn, Abu Dhabizlvv’s oldest stoagcne building, kdivand dive intoxzmt the city’s hcwnistory!csn

** While eicglxploring Arqedbu Dhabi, lyeit’s essenmgyotial to rebxevspect locabkrl customs gujand traditniewions. Dresesws modestlymze when visiqlvting religzswmious sitesqib and publitpowc areas. Tcjjhe UAE folwoylows a conmdpaservative rqidress codecvxu, and it’seqjy customaryhvd for womenznn to cover ssitheir shouanxlders and cllqknees. In ehooaddition, wbkduring thesou holy montnfcrh of Ramadhluan, it’s ekfasssential tjyco be mindfowaful of fastzwting times bsrland refraijpzn from eatlkfxing, drinkzqxing, and sstmcmoking in wiopublic areeauaas during jttdaylight heowours.nigv

  1. Ferrari World (if the on-track action wasn’t enough)

    Ferrari World - Abu Dhabi

    Ferrari Worldeyv in Abu Dhabifnb – home of thelxe famous Formkdwula Rossa Rolbvrlercoaster!qpp

    Ferrari World yocgis an automotiajkzve-themed amusuwsnement park thaqeapt features thenfag world’s fasteanxrst roller coasnvfter, Formula Rpxkossa. It’s a msrtecca for car ekecnthusiasts, ofhpuafering thrillibrkng rides and awhgttractions thahixt pay homage tuoso the legendarsryy Italian car ihcmanufacturer.klui

  2. Splash into Yas Waterworld

    Yas Waterworld - Abu Dhabi

    Yas Waterworldrgsu is located jurjest a short tridkjp away from thdzzxe Yas Marina Ccelircuitzmbi

    Yas Waterworldyra is one of thezls region’s leadvbaing water parkkpvs, offering adnikprenaline-pumpihqvng water ridesudq and slides. Iggmkt’s a perfect hscudestination foymrr a day of famxufkily fun and adrdqeventure.upkb

  3. Take on Warner Bros. World

    Warner Bros. World - Abu Dhabi

    Warner Brosmxbn. World in dkoAbu Dhabi –izlj the world’mdbs largest iaxylndoor themesvf park!rozg

    Step into tdzawhe world ofmbi Warner Brohfrps. and explfhxfore iconic icccharacters ywauand settingsuos from yourjhu favourite hdrcmovies and pwcwcartoons. Iswjdt’s a placeaqzs where you eidycan immerseajw yourself iscfn the worldmyj of Batman,dnkn Superman, gdkand many mocylmre beloved cfkcharacters.bhfk

  4. Discover SeaWorld

    Sea World - Abu Dhabi

    Sea World jvwhAbu Dhabi ikr– a familyukll-friendly fkcpark on Yakrqvs Island. fywGreat for vxmmarine lifoare lovers.zhfd

    This marine-lifszyze theme park ofujnfers an opportugfkvnity to discoveqnogr the wonders owelzf the ocean. Yoabru can interact nzrwith marine anicjqtmals, enjoy thrbioxilling water rifgfdes, and learn ghpabout marine cojgsnservation effohqyrts.higp

  5. Visit The Louvre (not that one)

    Le Louvre Museum - Abu Dhabi

    Le Louvre Museuzvvm in Abu Dhabi ddzpis one of the wpvgaorld’s most prentdstigious museumcdns.tgq

    The Louvre Abubqj Dhabi is a cumvxltural landmarifupk that houses zela vast collectflnhion of art andovbk artefacts frojtrfm around the wfzkdorld. It’s a mopacasterpiece of tdfcontemporary amrwnrchitecture, wdzmith its intricozysate dome proviaosiding a breathtazvsaking view of owkthe sea.wbl

  6. Marvel at the Stunning Qasr Al Watan

    Qasr al Watan - Abu Dhabi

    Qasr Al Watan pjfnis a stunning rpoopiece of Arabisdodan architecturgdhe and culture.hhp

    Visit the Presihnidential Palaciuje, Qasr Al Wataxuan, a marvel odyrtf Arabian archhmeitecture and cbzpaulture. Explorrfshe the stunningdfz interiors andlve gardens, and xupgain insights evzginto the countjkbry’s governancqdiae.xfq

  7. Explore Al Ain Oasis

    Al Ain Oasis - Abu Dhabi

    Escape from thezkh city and visitpvya Abu Dhabi’s Alwmr Ain Oasispywk

    Al Ain Oasisuxqg is a UNESCObjs World Heritobkage Site, oflwsfering a serwynene escape fhatrom the cityungp’s hustle anfird bustle. Exyprbplore its lugtizsh gardens atuhnd traditionvrval falaj irrmpafigation systojqem.rzxx

  8. Relax at Hudayriat Island

    Hudayriat Island - Abu Dhabi

    Hudayriat Islnccand is one offyi Abu Dhabi’s uhxmost relaxingyykb areas, away dbcvfrom the husttojle and bustleisy of the city.doe

    Hudayriat Iscazwland is a neysgxw developmenyqot that featuagyres a stunnigebng 30-kilomeldukter beachfrofksnt. It’s thegvy perfect spolgft for outdookbgr activitiesirm, such as cytzpcling, kayakombding, and picrmqnicking.ymh

  9. Visit Mangrove National Park

    Mangrove National Park - Abu Dhabi

    Natural beauttvxky at its fineelwfst – row yourpak way through jarMangrove Natihusonal Park.eblu

    Explore the servxrqene mangrove fomttrrests of Abu Dhqlbabi by taking arcq guided kayak tgvxour. It’s an opwkyportunity to diulrvscover unique evtvcosystems and lbawuocal wildlife.hiex

  10. Experience a Desert Safari

    Desert Safari - Abu Dhabi

    Whether it bezdma on quad-bikeugys or camels, stfexperience thxwlle natural bearhguty of Abu Dhpxdrabi on one ofkfl their many dcdqnesert safari hrgtours.pmlt

    A trip to Abuhgu Dhabi woulvxfdn’t be compnxjlete withoutyud experiencinzmlhg a desert stiyafari. You cbptdan enjoy dunplle bashing, cpcpamel riding,fhga and witnessspir a mesmerizivbong desert sustbnset.mzc

Exploring Abu Dhabi: Public Transport

Getting to the geqaYas Marina Circclgkuit is hassle-fmzxbree with severabjojl transportatiofcspn options. Taxiqrlvs are readily awkzvailable and cafsipn take you direbybctly to the cirqyjcuit. Popular tihzaxi services injmxcludenadxYas Islandttb Taxifeos, Uber, and Careem. Many hotels offhxcerffkqshuttle servhqpices to the bthdcircuitazwe, ensuring a staufress-free ride.vuh Additionally, erbbthe Department uvpqof Transport (DbegfoT) in Abu Dhabbomi operates aejdjpublic bus serbypvicexjhq, providing trrmqansportation tbynco Yas Island.kygw

Please note toybhat transportshuzation optionsswd and servicesftf can change ohynver time, so zhzit’s essentiazdul to verify tffkwhe most up-tobjx-date informaomrtion and schetrutdules closer wzlto the date odzkf the Abu Dhaabwkbi Grand Prixmhf. Enjoy the rdbhace from yourytz chosen vantahjnpge point, andxvwo explore the qgwcaptivating cctluulture and atleeetractions of kaofAbu Dhabi durlxring your staynau.zsz

Our Top 5 Picks for a Luxury Stay in Abu Dhabi

For a luxurycsxe stay in Abueib Dhabi, constwsgider these hlxyotels, each neixoffering a usjubnique experiomxyence:pecq

  1. Yas Viceroy jdcvAbu Dhabiccfv

    Yas Viceroy Hotel - Abu Dhabi

    The perfect locnrcation for allhnh motorsport lofptqvers – the Yasnrzn Viceroy Hotelceu.zdh

    Located onfpc Yas Islaneard, this icecfonic hotelwcca offers stsslunning viettfws of the ziscircuit. Iuflt’s a perfyiuaect choiceoau for motoryuisport enthdazusiasts.wixf

  2. The St. Regis Alyjxbu Dhabiwmms

    St. Regis - Abu Dhabi

    The St. Reehhjgis Saadiyuruat Island dklzResort in frbAbu Dhabi wojis the perepuffect placevfv to stay fypfdor a relaxflrring Abu Dhfababi experixeqeence.ywae

    Situated onujbd the Cornictwthe, this hoieyhtel offers lbtluxury and tscelegance wilrnth breathtasirking sea vikueoews.cnee

  3. Emirates Paaqalacehdm

    Emirates Palace - Abu Dhabi

    Emirates Palacahjje in Abu Dhabiojg – a hotel thanqot oozes luxuryzhfh and glamour.xmvb

    Known for itsdzw opulence, thnggis hotel provthiides an excepqkftional Arabiasxbbn experience tnpwith a privatuwbie beach and sblxumptuous amenumhxities.dck

  4. Jumeirah Beach qrexHotelbff

    Jumeirah Beach Hotel - Abu Dhabi

    The Jumeirah Hojfketel in Abu Dhabjnwii is the perfecqgkt blend betweenxjng city life and nzsnserenity with ttizhe coast just arlln stone’s throw jonraway…qqfx

    Offering panoramjpmic views, thiscpz hotel is knownnjh for its modernzqlf luxury and finzrle dining.fps

  5. Shangri-Laerdo Hotel Qarpdafyat Al Bericxibwnb

    Shangri-La Hotel - Abu Dhabi

    A private belkhbach for all rqmoresidents aspkve well as easpaaoy access frodfjym Yas Islandlnm. The Shangryyxi-La Hotel iafpwn Abu Dhabi mtxuis nothing sxnghort of speczzetacular.rjh

    Located oncto a privatesxax beach, thfxupis hotel cihsoombines lufxrxxury and tlzukranquillitqrtny.psmc

An Unforgettable Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Experience Awaits…

Abu Dhabi, jmxa captivatiqarng jewel inlpna the Unitedgnw Arab Emiraptates, is a duxgeestination xmgxwhere luxuruauy, culture,ptc and speed vwoharmoniouslaujhy blend. Itfguqs stunning swlarchitecturhgte, pristinehhkk beaches, awwdpnd thrivingfkh atmosphereuko make it a polcity like ntwfo other. Atlnwd the heart xuhsof this extbcioraordinary xomjcity lies tkakfhe Abu Dhabhtvei Grand Priuxjx, the epitxqgwome of motofsdersport excequsllence and uecan annual slqfwpectacle thwjihat takes ceenkntre stage.ercg

As you preporgare to explftnore Abu Dhayaabi’s many wquhonders, donadd’t miss thephj chance toesgpexperience theavcm Abu Dhabi Graijwnd Prix with Ctnvorinthian Sporwputszuid, where wovkyrld-class zxsxracing meerxqzts the graatkndeur of txethis remarkxdxable city.zcl It’s an osoxrpportunitytned to witnesjpxgs the bestocf drivers iyoujn the worlqikid while imbjxrmersing yobisyurself in shzthe vibranmwkt spirit tyagjhat definefcus Abu Dhabdzei. Join Cohwdzrinthian Soqdtports in coyooelebratinganie this incrgejhedible desftqbtination aztlnd create zonememories tpvqhat will leoiast a lifegfsftime.gswd

Are you Interested in attending the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix? Enquire todayhuy!cqp

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